HSI Automation (HSI is acronym for Human Sensory Intelligence) encompasses the automation of the five human sensory inputs, namely vision, sound, touch, smell and taste; for augmenting human workers in a factory. In manufacturing applications where the cost of a mistake is very high or if the speed of production is too high, the work environment for human workers is often challenging, risky and often, costly. In this vertical, we seek to develop products that couple cameras, microphones, force torque sensors, etc with appropriate algorithms and processing software to enable the factory of the future.

3rd Eye Concept

The 3rd eye concept is a vision based solution for use in complex assembly and inspection operations. The solution includes a camera which functions a digital 3rd eye for the operator to enable easy digitization of the process and a visual interface to assist the human worker in case training is required or to indicate if a process deviates from the defined standards. This concept allows for an automated factory to be free of the subjectivity of human inputs, regiment any paper based log books that are maintained in the shop floor, and enable real time data collection of proof-of-work, timestamps and quality parameters.

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