This vertical provides turnkey assembly and testing automation solutions, primarily focussing on the automotive, FMCG, pharmaceutical and consumer durable industries. We have the capability to design and integrate various special purpose machines, robotic/motion control systems, traceability systems, data acquisition systems and industry 4.0 related solutions. During installation and qualification of our solutions, we ensure extensive on-the-job training for our customer’s production and maintenance team. We also provide lifetime spare parts and maintenance support as well as on demand production support as services to our customers.

Technologies: We have ready to install modular systems developed for the following assembly technologies, with more being added to the list with ongoing development:

• Electrical and pneumatic tightening
• Riveting
• Servo, hydraulic and pneumatic press-fitting
• Magnetization / Demagnetization
• UV curing
• Greasing
• Oil dispensing

• Gluing
• Water and air leak testing
• Pressure and flow testing
• Laser and LVDT measurement
• Force measurement
• Vision inspection
• Mechanical and electrical parameters measurement

To integrate these technologies into our lines, we have skilled expertise developed in building and integrating of PC and PLC based systems, robots and indexers, traceability systems, marking systems, data acquisition and MES softwares. All our solutions are Industry 4.0 ready.

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